Fundamentals of Online teaching: Planning and Application

2013 has arrived with an excellent variety of new Coursera courses to be followed. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to investigate this site you really must! You’ll find free online courses, provided by top universities. One of the courses that caught my eye was the one that I will be blogging about for the next six weeks, ‘The Fundamentals of Online Teaching: Planning and Application’. In the ESL sphere online teaching is becoming more and more common, in response for demand for more convenience and lower-cost courses. Converting traditional teaching practices and materials, however, to an online application is no easy feat. At this year’s TESOL France conference, I had the pleasure of attending English360 founder Jeremy Day’s talk on ‘blended learning’ programmes. What I took away from it was that although e-learning isn’t necessarily ideal for teaching all receptive and productive skills, that when learners are ready to invest their time outside of class, teacher contact time can really be optimized. Perhaps by the end of the course I may be convinced that a well-designed online course can substitute face-to-face language learning?

This week I look forward to revisiting some educational theories (this time in the context of online education). I will keep you posted as to my discoveries and thoughts.


For the course we will be working in groups of 21. Firstly we tried to organize the groups by having each person enter their name in a spot on an Google spreadsheet. Somehow this was deleted and chaos ensued. Now we’re just figuring it out through forums. I think this provides an excellent example of something to think about when you’re designing an online course (especially of this size!).

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