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Activity for IELTS listening: Labelling a floor plan

My class recently did a practice IELTS listening test and although some students were quite strong in other areas, they all seemed to have a real hard time with the map/diagram labelling task. The exercise was quite similar to this one on the website, where students need to label the correct rooms in the library.

After going through the answers to the test, we looked in more detail about some of the vocabulary that is important for this task: firstly prepositions of place, (next to, at the back, in the corner etc.) and secondly language for giving directions, (e.g. go straight on, to your left). Then I set up an information gap activity where each student did a quick sketch of a plan of their house and then described it to a partner without showing him/her. When the new plan was complete, they then compared the two to see how similar they were. My students really enjoyed the activity and I think it really helped them to become more familiar with the vocabulary they need for this task. I would love to hear if anyone else has some other activities to help with IELTS listening that they would like to share.