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The circle board game


This is a little game I learnt from Warwick Isaacs when I did my CELTA training at the Campbell Institute, Wellington NZ. It’s great for revising any kind of vocabulary and all you need is a couple of different coloured pens and a whiteboard or paperboard.

How it works

1. To set up the game, you will need to write all the vocabulary you want revised, scattered around the board, (see my number revision above). This should be in one colour.

2. Get two students up the front and give them each a different coloured pen, (for example one will have a blue pen and one will have a red pen).

3. Explain how the game works. The objective of each student will be to circle the most vocabulary items. The teacher’s job will be to call out the vocabulary the students need to circle. For numbers, I simply read a number off the board. For other vocabulary, you could give a definition or tell them what the opposite of the word is. This is great for checking comprehension. If you’d like to make it more challenging, you could ask another student to make the definitions. If you have a larger group it could be a good idea to create to teams and switch students around.

I hope you find this one as useful as I do. Happy teaching!photo