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Lesson plan: Shouldn’t have + Expressing regret with New Zealand Lotto


This is a little ad that came to my mind recently when I was working with a student. I thought it would be a great base to work from to practise expressing regret. This works best with intermediate+ students.


1. Watch the video

2. Write on the board ‘I shouldn’t have come’

3. Concept check

  • Are we talking about the past, present or future? (past)
  • Did he come to France? (Yes)
  • How does he feel about the situation? (Regretful)
  • Why? (Because he spent a lot of money and the woman he came to see wasn’t as he imagined)

4. Take the grammar apart: should/shouldn’t + present perfect
 and ask learners for examples using same model

5. Give learners a copy of this BBC worksheet that can be found here

6. Pair up learners and have them show each other their sheets. Each student will guess which question each answer in the circle corresponds to.

7. Monitor to make sure all the grammar looks good and to listen for any good answers

8. Elicit any interesting answers open-class to finish the exercise.


Thanks to New Zealand lotto for the video and Paul Kaye from the British Council for the worksheet and grammar support!