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The language teachers’ curse: my life as a series of authentic teaching materials

107095332_831de94784_oI remember my CELTA trainer Jo telling us that once you started teaching, it would completely change the way that you read anything or listen to anything. The teacher in me is no longer capable of flicking through an English language article or reading a blog without asking myself questions such as ‘What kind of grammar could I teach with this?’ or ‘What level would this be appropriate for?’. My love for teeny-bopper pop music hasn’t managed to overcome this instinct. Last week I was singing along to Bruno Mars’ ‘When I was your man’ in the car, and my inner teacher was rejoicing at the examples of third conditionals I was hearing in the chorus.

You can access the lyrics here if you’d like to create a gap-fill.

I think this one would be best for intermediate students and up, and is great for starting a discussion about the compromises in grammar and particular pronunciation in pop music.