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Young learners activity – teaching numbers and actions

Flickr - Rameshng

Flickr – Rameshng

On Saturday mornings I have the pleasure of teaching a nine year-old boy English for an hour. Although I prefer to have a good range of tasks in each of my business English classes, the energy of my younger student is always a fresh reminder of the importance of variety. We read books, use flash cards for vocabulary and sing songs. In the spirit of learning by doing, today we tried a new game for practising some action verbs and numbers (I suppose you could use this for any vocabulary really), and I’d love to share it with you!

What you’ll need:
– About 10 post-it notes
– Enough space for your student(s) to run around without hurting themselves

What to do:
– With your students, write a different number on each post-it note (for example my student has problems with 11-20, so we used those numbers today)
– Ask your students to stick the post-it’s randomly around the room
– Now give the students instructions on which number to go to and how to get there, for example “Run to number 11”. You can also use different actions for movement like hop, skip, jump, walk, swim, fly. Be creative!
– I think this would be great if you had a group of students and they could take turns to give instructions
– When the kids are out of energy, you can ask them to bring you the post-its back one by one and tell you what is marked on them

I’d love to hear from anyone who has other suggestions!